Restorative Discipline – Dr Anthea Cereseto

There is no doubt that Dr Anthea Cereseto’s first of three sessions on “Restorative Discipline “has left participants with plenty of food for thought. Dr Cereseto challenged deeply entrenched beliefs about classroom and school discipline procedures and asked participants to consider adopting Restorative Discipline practices in their schools and thereby change school culture….

Herewith feedback from one of the participants who tried it out in her classroom….

I have had five grade X classes through my claasroom today, and I used (or perhaps bungled my way through) the few tips we got on Monday on the course. What a different day we had in class today! I find that the grade X’s are a real challenge this year. I promptly marched to the principal’s office to tell her about what I have learnt so far and how this morning with the grade Xs went.”

View photos of workshop in progress:   pdf Restorative Discipline Workshop May 2018 (212 KB)