Legislation and Policy

Gauteng School Education Act:  pdf GAUTENG SCHOOL EDUCATION ACT Act 6 of 1995 as amended (223 KB)

GDE Memo (October 2013):      pdf GDE Memo Assault and abuse [20131014] (181 KB)

Regulations for Safety Measures at Schools: pdf REGULATIONS FOR SAFETY MEASURES AT SCHOOLS amended 2006 (58 KB)

DPSA Directive on COID Act:  pdf DPSA Directive COIDA 04 2005 (538 KB)

Chidlren's Act:  pdf Childrens Act Amended 2010 (681 KB)

Child Justice Act: pdf Child Justice Act 2008 (361 KB)

Child Justice Act  Chart  (SAPS):  pdf Child justice act information chart SAPS (1.24 MB)

Child Justice Act made simple (Child Line) :  pdf Child Justice Act made simple (173 KB)


Case Law

Jacobs  (Negligence):  pdf Jacobs v SGB Long WCED Kunene (275 KB)

Dey  (Defamation):  pdf Le Roux and others v Dey CC 2011 (504 KB)



Childline (National) :   http://www.childlinesa.org.za/

Childline (Gauteng) : http://www.childlinegauteng.co.za/

Teddy Bear Clinic:    http://ttbc.org.za/

NICRO:   http://service.nicro.org.za/nicro-services/nicro-services-nicros-four-service-streams#diversion


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