The Provincial Education Labour Relations Council (Chamber) met this morning, after several previously scheduled meetings had been cancelled.

Parties agreed to the following with regard to educator staffing during the 2nd term:

  1. The appointment of all temporary teachers in substantive posts will be extended.
  2. The status quo will remain with regard to posts in addition to the staff establishment.  No post/educator must be declared in excess until a management plan has been issued by the employer. 
  3. Absorption of temporary educators, who satisfy the requirements, must proceed.  As prescribed, principals must apply for the conversion of teachers from temporary to permanent.
  4. Educators appointed as substitutes in a promotion post, will remain in the post until the post is advertised and filled.
  5. A post level 1 educator appointed as a substitute in a promotion post, and who satisfies the requirements, may be absorbed if there is another vacant substantive post level 1 post available on the staff establishment, provided the teacher meets the post/curriculum needs.

We do not expect that any GDE communication with regard to the above will necessarily reach schools before the end of term.  It is regrettable that schools and educators, once again, had to wait until a couple of days before the school holiday, before decisions could be taken about the 2nd term.