NAPTOSA has been in constant contact with the GDE, especially with regard to the loss of posts in  secondary schools.  At this stage the only response that the GDE is prepared to give is that schools will be informed on Friday (8 December 2017) of the outcome of their appeals.

NAPTOSA is particularly concerned that the final post establishment was given to schools five working days before the end of the school year – after time tables and other preparations for 2018 have been completed.

The GDE has indicated that they have a limited number of additional posts available for 2018 and the indications are that most appeals will not be approved, and even those that are favourably considered, will In all likelihood only receive one or two additional posts.

The number of posts available for ordinary primary and secondary schools in Gauteng has decreased from 57462 (in 2017) to 57 298 (for 2018), despite the increase in learner numbers in the province.

According to NAPTOSA’s calculation there are approximately 164 schools that have lost 4 or more posts for 2018. The reduction of posts is spread across all five quintiles.  Some of the schools that lost posts have experienced a decrease in learner enrolment for 2018. However there are also many schools where the enrolment has shown no significant change for 2018 and yet these schools have also lost posts.

NAPTOSA has indicated to the Head of Department of the GDE that the management plan has unrealistic time frames that cannot be met.  The GDE has also been alerted to the potential crisis that may unfold in some schools at the start of 2018. Many schools do not have the funds to appoint additional educators, including quintile 4 and 5 schools.

NAPTOSA is continuing to engage the GDE on this matter.