Term 2 2018 – NAPTOSA Gauteng Professional Development Programme

In addition to offering several of teachers’ favourite topics and speakers (e.g. Dr Judy Jaye, Dr Richard Hayward) the NAPTOSA Gauteng term 2 professional development programme offers several new and, as always, thought provoking topics.

Discipline continues to be an issue that causes teachers a great deal of stress and frustration. Whilst Dr Hayward offers his ever popular talk on “The kids are hell, what can I do?”, and Pamela Diesel once again provides innovative and creative ideas for positive discipline in the classroom, a ground breaking approach to discipline in the school and the classroom is offered by Dr Anthea Cereseto. It is entitled “Restorative Discipline” and is worth 15 CPTD points for those who attend. She describes Restorative Discipline as working towards “Radical Education Transforation” We believe it is a particularly useful course for school SMTs.

Childhood depression, an increasing occurrence amongst children, is explained by presenters from Childline. Dr Hayward also introduces important insights about the “Introverted Child”.

Finally, we highly recommend the talk by Jannie Ferreira on the effect of technology on learners’ eyes - this is a very relevant and important topic for both parents and teachers.

Download the programme and booking form:   pdfProfessional Development Term 2 (2018) NAPTOSA Gauteng (166 KB)