Does your school subscribe to the NAPTOSA Schools’ Office?

The Schools’ Office is a service aimed at supporting the principal and SMT, and to a lesser extent the SGB, of a school.  The focus is on management, labour and legal matters and on conditions of service.  The Schools’ Office is not linked to union membership.

The Schools’ Office supports schools through three main services: Communications (comment on policy, legislation etc) Media Updates (Internet links to relevant topical issues) Alerts (distribution of newly published documents and assistance with management queries and the provision of policy documents as and when requested.

Read the Overview of the services offered:  pdf Schools Office Overview February 2018 (47 KB)

Download the invitation to subcribe: pdf NAPTOSA Schools Office invitation to subscribe 2018 02 07 (71 KB)

Download the subscription form: pdf Schools Office Subscription form 2018 web (46 KB)

or for more information email Wally Smith This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.