Call for comment on the Draft Norms and Standards for Focus Schools


On 6 May 2016 the Minister of Basic Education published Government Gazette No 39977 and invited stakeholders to submit comments on the draft Norms and Standards for Focus Schools.

A “focus school” is defined as:  “a public school that provides education with specialised focus on talent, including sport, performing arts or creative arts as contemplated by section 12(a)(iii) of the Act.  This school selects to offer a particular focused range of subjects, which prepare learners to have the necessary skills and attitude not only for higher education studies but entrepreneurial opportunities and for the world of work, with the following features:

·        Physical, human and material resources to offer all the grades 10-12 subjects in a particular learning field or are able to plan towards having the resources;

·        All learners in Grade 10-12 are enrolled in the focused subjects offered by the school;  and

·        The school offers at least two or the full complement subjects within its focus field.”


The draft document, inter alia, lists subjects with a specialised focus, criteria for identification of focus schools, requirements for school physical infrastructure and requirements for learning and teaching resources for the practical component of the curriculum.


Please submit you comment to Mr Cecil Scorgie on or before Friday, 20 May 2016  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download the Draft Norms and Standards from the DBE website