Personnel Administrative Measures (PAM) gazetted!


It is with great excitement that we announce that the Personnel Administrative Measures (PAM) was published today, 12 February 2016, by the Minister of Basic Education Government Notice 170 in Government Gazette 39684 of 12 February 2016 (extraordinary Gazette).  We have been waiting for an update of the PAM for more than 10 years!

The new PAM contains ALL the conditions of service of educators.  No school or staffroom should be without a copy of the document.  We encourage NAPTOSA members to request principals to make a copy of the PAM available to the teaching staff. Please note that the document consists of 209 pages (approximately 3mb). 

It may be downloaded from Dropbox Click here   or from this website  pdf Personnel Administrative Measures PAM 20160212 compressed  (1.95 MB) Due to its size it may take a few minutes to download..

Although the primary function of the PAM Task Team was to update the 1999 version of the PAM, there are also a few new leave and salary measures in the new PAM.

For example, the publication of the PAM introduces an amended leave measure with regard to family responsibility leave and special leave for urgent private affairs (UPA).  The maximum number of leave days available for family responsibility leave has increased from 12 working days to 14.  Of importance is also the explanatory note with regard to the 14 days’ leave.

The new PAM is also very clear on how salaries should be determined when an educator is promoted, demoted, or re-appointed after a break in service.  There has not been a uniform interpretation of these salary measures since 2008.

NAPTOSA Gauteng believes that it is important for our members to get to know and understand the content of the new PAM.  We will be offering training sessions as soon as possible.