GDE communique prohibiting re-appointment of teachers who have resigned withdrawn

In NF 10 (dated 11 February 2015) we referred to the communique of the Head of Department instructing district offices not to appoint teachers who had resigned without first seeking his approval.  On 18 February NAPTOSA Gauteng communicated with the HOD objecting to the instruction and requesting the withdrawal of the communique based, inter alia, on the fact that there had been no consultation with labour on this matter.


The good news is that the HOD has withdrawn the memo on re-appointment of teachers resigning and re-entering the system, pending a response from the DBE.  In the withdrawal memo, dated 6 March 2015, the HOD explains that it was the Director General of the Department of Basic Education who originally had issued the guidelines on which GDE’s communique was based.  The HOD motivates the withdrawal of the memo as follows:


“Subsequent to issuing out the memo the department has written a communique to DBE seeking clarity on whether the guidelines were consulted on with all the relevant stakeholders. Given the above, you are advised that the memo dated 29 January 2015 on re-appointment of teachers resigning and re-entering the system is withdrawn with effect from the date of this communique pending the response from the Department of Basic Education.”

Download a copy of the withdrawal notice:  pdf Teachers resigning and re entering the system (29 KB)