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NON PERSAL (SGB) Members please take note
You can now move over to the new debit order system which would regulate your payments and ensure effective processing of any requests. If you have any queries please contact the office on 011 486 1256

Who may join the union ?

Any person (educator or other employee) employed in a public or private education institution in the education sector.

What is the membership fee ?

The fee is R111.40 per member per month (2023). The NAPTOSA National Council will review the fee on an annual basis. The fee may be increased only after the Registrar of Labour has approved an amendment to the NAPTOSA constitution to this effect.

What can a new member expect to receive from the union once he/she has been registered ?

New members will receive a letter of welcome, a diary (if available), a brochure containing information regarding the functioning of the union and copies of the latest communications with members.

To which services will a member be entitled ?

  • Professional advice on, and assistance with, matters pertaining to conditions of service
  • Professional advice on, and assistance with, legal and labour matters (grievances, disputes and disciplinary procedures)
  • Regular communication from the provincial office on, for example, conditions of service, legislation and the latest developments in the education sector on provincial, as well as national levels
  • Professional development (e.g. courses, seminars and conferences).

The union has a head office in Pretoria and provincial offices, as well as, in some cases, satellite offices, in all the provinces (except Limpopo). Office staff will be responsible for rendering the above services to members. Members in Limpopo will be serviced by the Gauteng office and those in the Northern Cape by the Free State office.

May a member retain links with the union after he/she has retired or resigned from the education sector ?

Yes. Although not entitled to be a full member, such a person may be admitted, on application, as an Associate of the union. An Associate will pay an annual fee as determined by the NAPTOSA Executive Committee. He/she will receive the publications of the union as well as other benefits, as determined by the National Executive Committee.

What is the highest award that the union can bestow on a member or past member ?

A Life Award. Such a person will be entitled to the same benefits as an Associate. A non-member who has rendered outstanding service to the union may be made an Honorary Associate.  



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