The Report of the History Ministerial Task Team (MTT), which was in established in 2015, was released by the Minister of Basic Education on 31 May 2018. One of the mandates of the MTT was to investigate the feasibility of making history compulsory in the FET phase.

The key recommendations are as follows:

• Introduce History as a compulsory subject in the FET (Grades 10 – 12) Phase.

• Life Orientation to remain a compulsory subject until Grade 9 (GET Phase).

• At FET Phase, compulsory History to replace Life Orientation as one of the Fundamental subjects.

• At the GET phase, Life Orientation to be maintained as a compulsory subject and the content should be strengthened.



• Life Orientation should be phased-out incrementally from the FET curriculum from 2023
(Grade 10) to 2025 (Grade 12).

• The notional time in Grades 10-12 should be increased from 27.5 hours to 29.5 hours per week.

• Compulsory History to be phased in incrementally from 2023 (Grade 10) to 2025 (Grade 12).

• CAPS curriculum has serious limitations and a complete overhaul of CAPS is required. Africa centeredness should become a principle in revising the History content.

• The 6-7 years towards the phasing-out of Life Orientation in the FET band be used to prepare the system for compulsory History in the FET band.

• The notional time of 4 hours per week for teaching History in the FET band must be maintained.

• History Teacher Development should be strengthened by institutionalising the DBE’s Continued Professional Teacher Development (CPTD) programmes.

• Two final year examination papers at Grade 12 with Paper 1 focusing on African History and
 Paper 2 focusing on History of the wider world including Europe or vice-versa.

There should be a public process in which all the relevant organisations and stakeholders will be able to make an input before the proposed revisions and overhaul of CAPS are finalised. Such input should be geared towards strengthening History content, theory and methodology. The process should ideally prioritise input from qualified professionals in the sector, including educators. (Page 132 of the Report)


Download the Executive Summary:   pdf Executive Summary of The History Ministerial Task Team Final (1.04 MB)

Download the Ministerial Task Team Report:   pdf Report of the History Ministerial Task Team for the Department of Basic Education Final (2.26 MB)