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On 4 May NAPTOSA Gauteng published NAPTOSA head office’s News Flash 10 on  the Gauteng website for members’ information (see below).  At that stage the information was seen as an update on the wage negotiations.  Since then the employer indicated that the offer, as summarised in News Flash 10, is their final offer.

The next bargaining meeting is scheduled for Friday 11 May, and yesterday the NAPTOSA national leadership  requested provinces to seek mandates from members regarding the final offer of the employer.

NB Read about the mandating procedure pdf GP NF 19 of 2018 URGENT Request for mandate regarding proposed wage increase (61 KB)



Parties to the PSCBC met on 3 and 4 May 2018 where the long-awaited revised offer of the Employer was tabled.

The offer on the salary increases for the next three years is still the same as was offered in January 2018, albeit in a different format. As far as the equalisation of pay progression and the de-linking of the housing allowance (i.e. where both spouses who work for the public service could qualify for the allowance) are concerned, the proposal is for staggered/delayed implementation.

Download a summary of the Wage Offer:as outlined in NAPTOSA (national) News Flash 11 OF 2018:  pdf NF 11 of 2018 Update on salary negotiations 4 May 2018 (94 KB)