Public Schools in Gauteng have been informed of their post establishments for 2019.

GDE Circular 4 of 2018 sets out the procudures to be followed for:

  • Identification and placement of educators additional to the establishment
  • Conversion of qualifying temporary educators to permanent status
  • Placement of new entrants
  • Vacant posts 2019

Download GDE Circular 4 of 2018:  pdf Click here  (353 KB)


Annexures :   A, B, C, D, E, F, G, J, K       
  document  Annexures A B C D E F G J K  (484 KB)

Annexure H:                                        
spreadsheet ANNEXURE H HR 8 (RR Update Personal Data Rev 4) (293 KB)

Annexure I (Two documents)                                           
pdf Dots Recruit RefCheck Consent Form v3 Annexure I (116 KB)                                                         
pdf MIE Consent Form Annexure I (148 KB)