By now schools should have received the Vacancy Circular and Vacancy List for Promotion posts and senior/therapist posts at public ordinary schools and public special schools.

Therapists should please note that their new OSD dispensation is not reflected in the Vacancy List and Circular.

Therapist posts are not categorised in post levels anymore – NAPTOSA believes therapists are aware of this. Posts advertised as post level 1 posts should have been advertised as Education Therapists’ posts (no reference to post level). The minimum starting salary for an Education Therapist is R211902. This fact is not mentioned in the Vacancy Circular.

Instead of post level 2 posts (senior therapist posts!), the promotion posts should have been advertised as Chief Education Therapist (school-based) posts. The Vacancy Circular does not refer to the minimum and maximum salary for Chief Education Therapists. The assumption may have been made that the starting salary is the same as that of a departmental head’s (R232803). However, please note that the minimum starting salary for a Chief Education Therapist is R312084.

NAPTOSA brought this issue to the attention of GDE and we are waiting for their formal response.

Please forward this information to all interested therapists.